Chemical reactions

Summarising Chemical Reactions with PowerPoint. Year 10 work


ACTIVITY 1: Prepare a PowerPoint slide show summary on Chemical Reactions

Use the following template.




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In a chemical reactions atoms are rearranged to produce something new.

Reactants ==> Products

Chemical reactions are also generally difficult to reverse

Chemical reaction
2 Corrosion The production of unwanted products from metals. A coin from Pontius pilate
3 Combustion The burning of a fuel in the presence of oxygen Magnesium burning
4 Precipitation The mixing of two solutions to produce an insoluble solution called a precipitate Lead iodide precipitate
5 Decomposition

A compound breaking down into simpler substances

AB ==> A + B

Elephant toothpaste
6 Hydrochloric acid

An acid which has the chemical formula of HCl

Hydrochloric acid
7 Sulfuric acid

An acid which has the chemical formula of  H2SO4

Sulfuric acid
8 Active metals

An active metal is a metal that reacts with an acid

Examples of active metals are magnesium, zinc and iron.


Magnesium ribbon
9 Acid and an alkali(base)

An acid and a alkali neutralise each other to product salt and water.

Acid + Alkali ==> Salt + Water

Note: An alkali is a soluble base

10 Acid and an active metal

An acid and an active metal react to produce a salt and hydrogen gas

Acid + Active metal ==> Salt + Hydrogen

11 Acid and a carbonate

A carbonate is a compound that contains the CO3 group.

Carbonates react with acids to produce carbon dioxide gas, water and a salt.

Acid + Carbonate ==> Salt + Water + Carbon dioxide


Vinegar and baking soda


ACTIVITY 2: Prepare a PowerPoint slide show quiz on Chemical reactions.

Use the information from your summary to answer the quiz questions.

You may download this PowerPoint template to assist you in making a science quiz

Slide Question number Quiz question and answer Use pictues to help you remember the key points
1 Question 1

What is the general name given to the chemicals that react in a chemical reaction?


2 Question 2

What is the chemical formula of sulfuric acid?


3 Question 3

What is the chemical formula of hydrochloric acid?


4 Question 4

What is the chemical formula of the carbonate group?


5 Question 5

State the two products of a neutralisation reaction


6 Question 6

What gas is produced by the action of an acid with an active metal?


7 Question 7

What gas is produced by the action of an acid and a carbonate?


8 Question 8

Rusting is an example of what type of chemical reaction?


9 Question 9

What gas is used during the combustion of fossil fuels?


10 Question 10

What is type of reaction produces a solid from the mixing of two solutions?