Structural characteristics of cells

What to do? Design a PowerPoint presentation on the structural characteristics of cells.

With each slide

  • include images
  • highlight the important terms/ phrases in each dot point

You may copy and paste the points from this page!

Slide1: Title: Structural characteristics of cells.

Example slide:

Protein Synthesis


DNA Transcription and Protein Assembly

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Human Impacts on the Environment


What to do? Design a PowerPoint presentation on the impact of humans on ecosystems



Get excited about worms!


worm Farm

Information on worm farms.


Best worm link

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Course overview

The Preliminary Physics course for year 11 students is divided into four content modules.


8.2 The World Communicates

8.3 Electrical Energy in the Home

8.4 Moving About

8.5 The Cosmic Engine


A skills modules is also intergrated within these modules.


8.1 Physics Skills


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